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Glenview Doors® Modern Pivot Doors

PIVOT DOOR Construction

Pivot Door Construction Illustration

Glenview Doors® EuroTechTM
Pivot Doors

EuroTechTM doors offer the look and feel of a true wood door, backed by a unique assembly that offers superior performance and durability. Inside each door is an extruded polystyrene rigid foam core, known for its high compressive strength, low moisture absorption, and its resistance to decay. Layers of aluminum sheets prevent moisture from getting inside the door, and a steel-reinforced Mahogany LVL construction completes the revolutionary design which offers remarkable insulation and resistance to warping. Our flush doors are versatile and can create the perfect entrance for any modern project.

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FritsJurgens® Pivot Hinge

We use System M+ for all pivot doors

System M+ offers control over every part of the door movement for light and heavy pivot doors.

This top pivot is a real all-rounder. The ability to position the system 70 mm from the door’s side reduces unused space while retaining the beautiful, distinctive pivot door movement. This top pivot can be placed in any position between 70 mm and the center of the door and is suitable for all FritsJurgens’ pivot systems.

Pivot point: Flexible from 70 mm, Top pivot: 70mm, Reversed and Cable Grommet

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Glenview Doors® Pivot Door Hardware

Multipoint Lock Mechanism

Our pivot doors are secured at three points along the door, instead of one point as most doors are. This allows for increased security and better insulation. Multi-point locking systems allow us to achieve incredible insulation in our pivot door collection. Multipoint Lock Hardware has a variety of locking devices including Hooks, Roller, Roundbolts, Latch Bolts, Tongues, Shoobolts or a combination. Our comprehensive range includes multi-point locks for timber, plastic or aluminium. Key-operated multi-point locks by KFV are locked by a double key turn. Two turns are also required for unlocking.

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Pivot Door Installation


  • Door Slab and Frame
  • KFV Multipoint Locking Mechanism
  • FritsJurgens® Header Plate
  • FritsJurgens® Top Pivot Hinge
  • FritsJurgens® Bottom Pivot Hinge and Hinge Receiver
  • Top and Bottom Weather Stripping
  • FritsJurgens® Installation Kit
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